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Really happy to join a fantastic team and get the opportunity to design a brilliant product. More to be announced.

Internship and freelance

Video ads for Spotify and sub-brand. Still under NDA.

My role in this project:

Resumé Editorial

Editorial for swedish business & media magazine Resumé (

Johan Lindeberg (BLK DNM), Thomas Mattsson(Editor-in-chief, Expressen), Ewa Björling (Swedish Minister of Trade), Michael Mohn & Nicke Bergström (VICE Nordics), Eva Hamilton (Editor-in-chief, Swedish Television), Unknown, Johan Belin (CEO, Sunny Side Up).


When I was 17, an older friend of mine asked me if I could make a simple flyer for his venue. It was my first ‘real’ job and my first step into the professional world of creativity & advertising.

I kept designing for him and a wide range of other venues and DJs around Sweden for another two years until I one day decided to move on to a more digital space and apply to Interactive Communication at Berghs.


Various graphical design work made for myself and clients. Enjoy!